Group Leaders

Postgraduate Students

Suman Acharya (PhD): Organic nitrogen speciation and bioavailability in aquatic ecosystems

Lucas Morais (PhD): Influence of dissolved organic matter on harmful algal blooms

Oliviah Lines (PhD): The influence of dissolved organic matter on peatland stream biofilms

Francesco Colombi (PhD): Legacy effects of historical gold mining on floodplains of Victorian Rivers

Gwilym Price (PhD): Zinc toxicity to a freshwater alga in Australian freshwaters

Honours Students

Anthony Evans (Hons): Toxicity and bioavailability of zinc to Ceriodaphnia in Australian natural waters

Past Students

Alana Cormican (Hons): Realised thermal niches of Odonates

Manisha Shakya (PhD)

Gabriella Macoustra (PhD)

Lakmini Egodawatta (PhD)

Teresa Calipari (Hons)